Health & Dental Plan Information For First Year Students

Ryerson Students’ Union Has Got You Covered!

Members’ Health and Dental Plan

All first year students will be assessed the Health and Dental plan fee at the start of the academic year.


Submit your opt out information online here:

Fall Term start students: opt out between September 1st to the first Friday in October at 6:00pm
Winter Term start students: opt out between December 1st to Friday, January 31st at 6:00pm


If you choose to opt out, the opt out refund will be credited to your student account. If you did NOT opt out on line in fall term you cannot apply in the winter term.

Once you have successfully opted out of the RSU Members’ Health and Dental Plan, your opt out status will be carried forward in subsequent years, and you will not be assessed the RSU Members’ Health and Dental Plan fee.

Getting Started

I am a first year student, how do I use the plan? 

As a new member on the Plan you will not show in the system at Green Shield until November (for fall term start students) or March (for winter term start students), however your benefits are retroactive to September 1st (fall start students) or January 1st (winter start students) of your current school year. Please hold on to any original receipts for health or dental expenses covered by the Plan to make a manual claim AFTER November 1 (fall start students) or March 1 (winter start students). Effective November 1 (fall start students) or March 1 (winter start students), you can use your myBenefits Card for direct payment at the pharmacy or dental office. Other types of claims can be submitted manually, or online.

Insurance Provider: Green Shield Canada
Green Shield Identification Number: RSU (9-Digit Student Number)-00

For info on benefits, and to download your myBenefits Card and other materials please visit Forms & Resources

Your Emergency Medical Travel Insurance is supplied to you by a separate company other than Green Shield. It is Global Excel under RSA (Royal Sun Alliance) Please visit the official insurance site and download all materials required under TRAVEL section

Green Shield Customer Care: 1.888.711.1119

Activation date for new users on the Plan:  NOVEMBER 2019 (fall start students) or MARCH 2020 (winter start students)

Questions? Contact RSU’s Members Health & Dental Plan Administrator at 416-979-5255 x2311 or email at: