Frequently Asked Questions

Your Green Shield ID # is: RSU ( your Ryerson (9-digit) student #) – 00

The RSU regrets that part-time graduate students are not eligible for the Members’ Health & Dental Plan.

Different dentists have different policies regarding payment for services covered by an insurance plan. Your dentist may require you to pay by cash, cheque, or credit card for services at the time of your appointment. In this case, you will need to mail a manual claim form for reimbursement. Other dentists may accept payments directly from the insurance company and will therefore only bill you for the difference between your benefits coverage and the full amount. Be sure to ask your dentist ahead of time whether you will be expected to make payment at the time of your visit.

Green Shield bases its reimbursement for covered dental services on the Ontario Dental Association recommended rates. This practice is common amongst most insurance companies. Your dentist may or may not charge the same rates for these services – but the difference will likely be very small.

Also keep in mind that the Dental Plan covers a specific set of dental services outlined in the benefits brochure for full details. Be sure to discuss the services covered with your dentist ahead of time – most dentists will try to work within what is covered for you, and advise you of services that are not covered before taking action.

Come to the Health & Dental Plan benefit office, Student Centre Lobby, 55 Gould St. to confirm your status on the Plan and details for reimbursement. You can submit your original receipts to by filling out a claim form. Be sure to keep a copy of your receipts, should your claim ever be lost or not received at Green Shield. You can also submit your claims online at

Green Shield only covers the cost of the “generic alternative”, if one is available at a lower cost for your prescription. When having your prescription filled, ask the pharmacist if a lower cost generic alternative is available.

The Health & Dental Plan is supplemental insurance. It does not replace OHIP or any other provincial coverage, but rather adds extended coverage for items not traditionally covered by provincial health plans.

Benefits coverage begins September 1. If you are a new student, you must hold on to ORIGINAL receipts for all health and dental claims until Green Shield has your information. As of November 1st, you will be able to submit these receipts to Green Shield for reimbursement. All benefits are retroactive to September 1st, you will NOT show in system until November 1st at Green Shield.

If you are a returning student, you can pick up an RSU Care Card that contains the Green Shield ID number and submit claims manually through the Health & Dental Plan benefit office, Student Centre Lobby, 55 Gould St. or mail it in yourself.  Come by the Health & Dental Plan benefit office with receipts and the RSU’s staff members will help you file the manual claims.

You can pick up your RSU Care Card at the Health & Dental Plan benefit office, Student Centre Lobby, or download it here; use this card at either a pharmacy or dental office.

Yes – Your Members’ Health and Dental Plan benefits are valid for a full 12 months, from September 1st through August 31st of the following year.

Students who completed the opt out process for the previous year do NOT need to opt out again, your opt out information will be carried forward and a credit applied directly to your student fees account, by early NOVEMBER.  Any other students wishing to opt out must complete the opt out again on line application prior to the specified deadline. You will still need to pay the mandatory fee to the University.

RSU has improved the opt out refund process. Approval of the opt out application will now result in the plan fee being credited directly to your student fees account, by early NOVEMBER.  This means you no longer have to pick up a manual refund cheque.

Yes – The Health and Dental Plans are considered separate so you may wish to keep one and opt-out of the other.

If you have alternate coverage and wish to decline coverage under the RSU health and dental plan instead of coordinating with your existing coverage, you will be required to complete your opt out online application by deadline date of the first Friday in October by 6:00pm. Upon successfully opting out of the plan, your health and dental refund will be credited to your RAMSS account by November 1st for Fall term students and March 1st for Winter term students. This credit will be applied to any outstanding fees on your RAMSS account. Apply for opt out refund on line via

Yes – the winter term opt-out deadline for students beginning school only in January is the first Friday in February at 6:00pm. Please see the section on how to change your status for the Health and Dental Plan, or visit the Health and Dental Plan Administrator in the Health & Dental Plan benefit office, Student Centre Lobby, 55 Gould St.

The Winter term application to opt-out will be available on line starting in January. For more info and to opt-out online, visit

Yes! You can enroll your spouse, common-law or same sex partners, or children. Please see the section on family and dependent coverage. You must submit the application online at Complete a form and pay the additional fee by the Fall deadline, the first Friday in October. Forms are available starting in late August. See dependent coverage section for more info.

You are not eligible for the RSU Members’ Health and Dental plan if:

  • You are enrolled in a Certificate Program
  • You are enrolled in a Part time Program
  • You are not enrolled in a minimum of one full time undergraduate course offered through Ryerson